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Skilled Civil Mediator in Columbus, Ohio

Resource of trial experience. Trusted neutral.

For more than four decades, Frank A. Ray performed as an accomplished civil trial lawyer who concentrated on helping individuals and businesses recover their losses.  In 2014, Frank transitioned from the trial practice to full-time service as a mediator of civil disputes.

In his career as a litigator, Frank A. Ray applied his trial experience to help his clients achieve justice. He served as lead counsel in state and federal courts in 129 civil  trials and in more than 70 state and federal civil appeals.  Now, drawing on his experience from a broad spectrum of civil litigation, Frank offers guidance as a mediator to help people, businesses, and insurers achieve justice by avoiding the risks and uncertainties of a trial.

Three tenets define his practice as a mediator:

  • Personal service — Directly contact an experienced attorney who applies his strong work ethic and gives full commitment to provide efficient and effective service as a mediator. Learn more »
  • Trial experience — To resolve your civil dispute through mediation, benefit from Frank Ray’s four decades of experience in state and federal courts from New York to Los Angeles and a reputation as a most worthy adversary. Learn more »
  • Adversaries' partnership with a neutral — Engage in a process where adversary lawyers and their clients become partners with a trusted neutral, Frank Ray, to achieve out-of-court resolution of their civil dispute. Learn more »

Resources from a skilled attorney performing as a mediator

As a solo practitioner, Frank Ray offers directly accessible personal service. People, businesses, insurers, and governments and their lawyers seeking mediation services deal directly with their mediator, Frank Ray.

To prepare for mediation sessions, Frank seeks to understand all relevant facts and issues to your case. Frank Ray wants to study and comprehend what happened to cause the dispute. Drawing on his extensive experience in the trial of cases before juries and judges as a resource, as a neutral Frank will guide adversaries to resolution through mediation.

Once you have engaged Frank as your mediator, he commits to regular contact with counsel to prepare for the mediation conference.  Frank commits to thorough examination of submitted materials on the case in order to understand issues and apply that understanding to the mediation process.  Just as he prepared for his trials, Frank Ray will apply the same work ethic to preparation for his mediations.

Open door and open mind — justice through mediation

When you need a respected professional to serve as a private mediator for a civil dispute, reach out to Frank Ray of Frank A. Ray Co., L.P.A. at 614.223.2121 or contact us online.


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