Frank A. Ray Co., L.P.A.

Mediator of Civil Disputes in Ohio

Assisting Adversaries Reach Out-of-Court Resolution

Many civil cases should never find the inside of a court room. The cost of litigation and the risks of litigation dictate that reasonable parties seek resolution through mediation. Mediation offers an agreed process where an impartial person, the mediator, works with adversaries and their counsel to reach a final out-of-court resolution of the dispute.

With experience in a multitude of jury and bench trials from coast to coast and throughout Ohio, Frank A. Ray offers an ideal perspective as a mediator of disputes in civil matters. As reflected by information on Mr. Ray throughout this site, he has been engaged as lead trial counsel in a wide array of practice areas. With Mr. Ray’s background as an accomplished litigator, lawyers, insurers, businesses, governments, and judges have sought the services of Frank Ray to perform as a mediator. And he is consistently delivering a high percentage of settlements at the conclusion of his mediations.

Mr. Ray will conscientiously prepare for a mediation, just as he prepared for his clients’ trials. He offers reasonable hourly rates for his mediation services. Mediations involving governmental parties are availed a reduced hourly rate by Mr. Ray.

Contact us if you have a civil dispute that requires a voice of reason to achieve settlement.

Open door and open mind – justice through mediation

When you need a steady and reliable hand to guide parties in a civil dispute to a reasonable out-of-court resolution, reach out to Frank Ray of Frank A. Ray Co., L.P.A., at 614.223.2121 or contact Frank online.