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Benefits of Mediation over Litigation

Benefits of Out-of-Court Settlement over Litigation

When balancing achievable results in litigation as compared to mediation, based on his experience as an accomplished trial lawyer, Frank Ray invites adversaries to consider:

  • time-consuming and resource-draining management of discovery demands
  • disclosure of personal and/or proprietary information
  • redirection of personal time and/or personnel’s business time to litigation
  • potential adverse rulings by the trial judge
  • legal fees and costs for trial and for appeal
  • high cost of expert testimony for trial
  • uncertain results of pre-trial motions on evidentiary and legal issues
  • uncertain results of trial and appeal
  • nonrecoupment of legal fees and costs for trial and appeal

If a negotiated settlement presents an opportunity for reasonable disposition of contested issues in a civil case, mediation could offer the best option for adversaries in the dispute. If mediation fails, the adversary parties will have preserved their right to try their case in court to pursue a verdict and judgment to bring the case to conclusion.

Using mediation as an avenue to avoid uncertainties of trial and appeal of a civil case, adversaries in the litigation can access Frank Ray’s more than four decades of trial experience.  Frank’s trial and appellate experience has enabled Frank to serve as a mediator who can offer measured guidance to adversaries and their counsel and facilitate settlement of their case.

Put Frank Ray’s experience to work for you.

Open door and open mind — justice through mediation

When you need a professional who is well respected by the Ohio bar and judiciary to serve as mediator of your civil dispute, call Frank Ray of Frank A. Ray Co., L.P.A. at 614-223-2121 or contact us online.

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Frank A. Ray

When Frank Ray actively practiced as a trial lawyer, fellow lawyers regularly turned to him to produce results for litigants. Now, lawyers, judges, corporations, and insurers look to Frank to achieve resolution through his service as a mediator of civil cases.

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Client Partnerships

The following is a sampling of clients represented by Frank Ray during his career as a trial lawyer:

  • Scotts Miracle-Gro Co.
  • John Hancock Life Insurance Co.
  • Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Xerox Corporation
  • T&R Properties
  • TSL, Ltd.
  • Bluestone Coal Corporation
  • Hesed Management, LLC
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