Frank A. Ray Co., L.P.A.

Mediation of Professional Malpractice Claims

Resolving medical, legal, or accounting malpractice claims

When clients to professionals advance allegations of medical, legal, or accounting malpractice, both sides should find motivation to resolve the dispute through negotiation.  Frank Ray has served as trial counsel for claimants and for professionals in this area of the law.

You can rely on Frank Ray to serve as an impartial mediator to help persons, families, businesses, professionals, and insurers address the claims through a mediation process to attempt to achieve our-of-court resolution. To offer guidance in the mediation of the case, Frank can draw on decades of litigation experience that produces justified trust in his skills as a mediator.

Open door and open mind — justice through mediation

When you seek to resolve a professional malpractice case through mediation, reach out to Frank Ray of Frank A. Ray Co., L.P.A. at 614.223.2121 or contact us online.